Greater Pinellas Point Civic assocation

Use the SeeClickFix app to request assistance with City services or report problems, such as potholes, graffiti, broken sidewalks, storm drain issues, traffic signal/sign problems, special pick-up of dumped items, codes violations, etc.  

The Mayor’s Action Center will acknowledge newly submitted issues and forward them to the appropriate City departments to take care of the requests. Users will receive email updates and can come back here to check the status of submitted issues. When the issue is resolved, the issue can be closed. Separate issues should be submitted as separate SeeClickFix reports.

*Note* Please make sure that the address you are providing is the location of the issue being reported.

Law enforcement issues (illegal parking or other activities, noise ordinance violations, etc.) need to be reported directly to the St. Petersburg Police Department by calling

727-893-7780 (for non-emergencies)

911 (for emergencies.)


  1. If possible, tie an orange or yellow ribbon around pole where street light is out of service.
  2. Identify address closest to street light out of service.  For alleys, identify rear-of address where street light is out of service.
  3. If there is a pole # (usually a 6 to 7 digit number on a stainless steel plate mounted on pole), take note of the pole #
  4. Duke Energy’s contact information to report street light outages is: REPORT or by phone at (727) 443-2641

For the Duke Energy site, use the address as close to location of street light in need of repair as possible.  Moreover, you can assign an arbitrary address using your GPS on your smart phone at the physical location of the street light, to get Duke Energy close to the light.  If you don’t have a pole number or the address is not located on the map, use the comment field to describe the location of the light.

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